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Adamson’s Heritage Nursery Ltd.

Propagators of Roses, Unique Shrubs and Trees

The origins of propagate are firmly rooted in the field of horticulture.

The word was borrowed into English in the late 16th century from Latin propagatus, the past participle of the verb propagare, which means "to set (onto a plant) a small shoot or twig cut for planting or grafting.

" Propagare, in turn, derives from propages, meaning "layer (of a plant), slip, offspring."

It makes sense, therefore, that the earliest uses of propagate referred to facilitating the reproduction of a plant.

Heritage Own Root Roses™

We offer an extensive list of Own Root Roses.  

We propagate some of the best varieties of roses on their own roots. Contact us for more information

Unique Deciduous Shrubs and Trees

As one of North America’s leading custom propagators, we are licensed to offer ProvenWinner and other leading shrub and tree lines.

Contact us to discuss our propagation partners programs