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Concorde has a rounded shape with deep burgundy purple foliage that turns slightly reddish in the fall.  Very small yellow flowers bloom in early spring.  Prune is early spring after blooming keeps Concorde growth dense and rounded.  1.5' x 1.5'. Zone 4.


Rose Glow

Berberis Rose Glow is a shrub with graceful growth and dense foliage.  It's leaves are a marbled bronzy red and pinkish white then deepening into a rose and bronze colour.  In the winter this shrub has bright red berries.  5' x 4'. Zone 4.


Royal Cloak

This selection looks to all the world like a purple smoke tree from a distance. Large, deep velvety purple foliage and an upright arching habit.  It tolerates shearing, making it a good choice for a hedge or topiary.  This is a standout!  4' x 4'.  Zone 4


Ruby Carousel

A Japanese Red Barberry selected for its good red colour and uniformity of habit. Can be used as an accent, hedge or barrier plant because of its thorns. Prefers moist, but well-drained soils and full sun.  3' x 3.5'.  Zone 4. R- $0.20

We are unable to ship Berberis to the USA and Europe.