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Assorted Shrubs


Autumn Magic

An upright hardy deciduous shrub with fragrant white flowers in May followed by clusters of black edible berries in fall. Fall foliage is a brilliant mixture of red and purple. 6' x 6'. Zone 3. R- $0.10


L & B

Blue Chip

The first in a new series of miniature Butterfly Bush that forms a tidy mound. It can be used as a ground cover, low hedge or in containers.  This remarkable plant is continuous blooming, is adored by butterflies and is deer resistant.  2' x 3'.   Zone 6.



Young Lady

This beautiful plant is covered in frothy pink blossoms from mid-summer to frost. In autumn the leaf colour turns a brilliant yellow/orange and red. Looks sensational in a pot. 7' x 10'.  Zone 4.



Royal Purple

A large bushy shrub with round, dark red-purple foliage, turning scarlet in autumn. Large panicles of beige flowers in midsummer look like smoke in the air. Does best when planted in full sun. 10' x 10'. Zone 5.



A hardy small tree with bluish green leaves, this heavy flowering plant has plumes that are extra fluffy; hairs turn red-pink in colour - very striking! They begin flowering in June and reach their peak as they age, all the way to September. 10’ x 10’. Zo


Cool Splash

'Cool Splash' is the first variegated Diervilla and its bright white stands out dramatically even in shady borders. The cool foliage stays bright and clean. Bunches of yellow blossoms adorn the plant in June and July. 4.5' x 4.5'. Zone 3. R- $1.60



Chicago Fire

A hardier selection of burning bush with brilliant fire-red fall foliage that appears early along with attractive orange-red fruit. Best situated in full sun but will tolerate shade. 8' x 8'. Zone 2.




Dwarf burning bush. A dense, bushy, deciduous shrub with dark green leaves that turn brilliant red in autumn. 6' x 6'. Zone 3.



Rudy Haag

A truly semi-dwarf form of burning bush ideally suited to the small garden. A slow-growing shrub with spectacular fall colour and orange-red fruit. 4' x 4'. Zone 3.


Show Off

A hardy new Forsythia with abundant, large, golden flowers and dark green foliage. Compact, rounded plant, floriferous and dependable. 4.5’ x 4.5’. Zone 4. R- $0.65


Gold Lanterns

Attractive, clean, bright yellow-green foliage with hints of red in the new growth. In mid-summer it is covered in 4” long pendulous drooping clusters of dark purplish-red bracts and white flowers followed by dark purple berries in autumn.  4' x 5'.  Zone


Tiger Eyes

Chartreuse foliage in spring, rapidly maturing to bright yellow. Fuzzy deep pink leaf stems create an unusual mixture of colours that lasts right through summer!  It’s beautiful in autumn with every shade of orange, yellow and scarlet. 6’ x 8’.  Zone 4. R


King Edward

It is hard to resist these beautiful red flowers in the early spring garden. Persistent dark blue fruits appear in summer. The foliage takes on amber and gold tints in autumn. 6' x 6'.  Zone 6.




A slower growing flowering red current with bright yellow spring foliage fading to chartreuse shades by summer. Protect from hot sun for best colour. A lovely contrast with pink flowers. 4' x 4'. Zone 6.


White Icicle

A U.B.C. introduction. The name describes the dangling racemes of snow white flowers that adorn this midsized shrub in early spring. Round black fruits appear in summer. 8' x 6'.  Zone 6. R- $0.15



Pinkish-red, fern-like spring foliage unfurls along deep pink stems. In full sun the foliage takes on a chartreuse tint and in autumn bronze hues appear. In July and August the neat, round shrub covers itself with creamy white blossoms. 4' x 3.5'. Zone 3.