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Welcome to the future of Roses.

Heritage Own Root Roses will offer years of enjoyment in you garden. There are a few steps which should be followed to fully take advantage of these great Roses.


1. Plant your roses at least 2" deeper then the depth they are in the pot.

2. It is preferable to give roses a feeding with an organic fertilizer. Alfalfa meal or Kelp meal or BioFert Fish are good. Avoid high Nitrogen fertilizers.

3. When your rose has shoots about 30 cm tall (12 Inches) and the leaves are fully out on these new stems pinch them back by one third, leaving a 20 cm tall ( 8 inch) stem. By doing this simple pinching you are creating the foundation for a strong branching habit.

Roses are meant to be enjoyed. Picking flowers and sharing them with family and friends is an important part of the Heritage Own Root Rose theory on gardening. Picking flowers often will encourage the Rose bush to grow healthy and bloom more.


Be sure to ask your local garden centre and garden clubs for growing advice for your area of the Country.