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Heritage Nursery Ltd.

Welcome to Adamson's Heritage Nursery, the source of Heritage Own Root Roses™, Unique Shrubs, Fruit Trees/Shurbs & Conifers to leading Garden Centres, Landscape Companies and Nurseries across North America.

Heritage Own Root Roses™ are cutting grown. We would like to emphasize the advantages over conventionally grafted roses:
     • All new shoots always produce the same quality and colour of bloom.
     • Roses tend to be longer lived on their own roots.
     • No wild rose suckers to worry about.
     • As the plant is self rooted and no under stock is involved, any new shoots following
       a hard winter's die back will be identical to the original plant.


Our extensive experience in the art of propagation leads from Roses into the Unique shrubs & Conifers which are a must have in gardens. Please use our web site as a reference only. If you have specific garden question be sure to talk to your local garden center or local garden club.

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